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Muay Thai Boxing is an ancient martial art and the national sport of Thailand and our martial arts academy in Doncaster is an official Muay Thai Boxing Camp.

Boon Khwan, is the name of our official Muay Thai camp, and we are an affiliated member of the UK Muay Thai Federation and part of the World Muay Thai Council, governing bodies for Muay Thai. We are one of the few official Thai boxing camps in Yorkshire, so you can be assured that if you want to learn the real Muay Thai in Doncaster or surrounding areas, you need to come to us… we have honed our techniques over decades and are proud to say that our camp is the best and most successful around.

Muay Thai, or its more commonly known name of Thai Boxing, uses punches, kicks, elbows and knees, as opposed to just the punching used in Western boxing. Muay Thai is revered worldwide as the most effective standing fighting system and requires a fighter to develop physical fitness, agility and fast reflexes.

The name of our camp is, Boon Khwan which in Thai translates as Pure (Boon), the Life force in all living things (Khwan). The Boon Khwan camp was launched by Charles Martin and assistant coach, Steve Mundin after over 20 years experience in the art, training with some of the best fighters around.

Our Muay Thai classes in Doncaster start at beginner right through to to advanced levels, and can help you to become fitter and more confident, or with time and determination, support you to become a winning fighter.