MMA mixed martial arts

MMA Mixed Martial Arts has become widely associated with competitions such as UFC, using a wide range of Martial Arts styles to achieve the most effective all round stand up and ground fighting game

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA encompasses a variety of fighting techniques and skills from a mixture of traditional and non-traditional martial arts.

Our style of MMA, Dynamic MMA, is a superior fighting system which has evolved from Charles Martin’s successful and varied martial arts. Dynamic MMA is a modern competitive combat system designed for competition, involving cardio conditioning and endurance, it has also been developed for its effective practical use in real-world self defense situations… in short, it is tried and tested and works!

Charles was one of the first people in the UK to receive a black belt from a member of the Gracie Family. Further adapting this discipline and taking influences from his other fighting styles, Charles discarded the traditional, adapting the most effective techniques of control for normal street apparel or bare skin.

Dynamic MMA describes itself well… It is a style which can be applied in different degrees to suit different situations by balancing application with the conservation of energy; and is constantly changing its state, finely tuning techniques and never afraid to disregard convention.

Our MMA Mixed Martial Arts classes in Doncaster start at beginner to advanced and can help you to become fitter and more confident, or with time and determination, support you to become a winning fighter.