Kids Self Defence

Our Kids Self Defence classes in Doncaster offer a physical education with an emphasis on fitness and fun, developing martial arts skills around grappling and striking, and providing a focused mind-set for real life

As the student develops, their confidence and respect grows and so do the positive ingredients of the young person’s character, allowing them to strive for and embrace success. Through our unique, safe and expertly controlled kids’ defensive martial arts classes we encourage healthy competitiveness and the development of mental strength within young people, giving them the confidence to excel and stand apart, both essential elements which support success in all areas of life

We don’t encourage kid’s to face problems in their life using their physical skills, instead, the physical skills they develop lead to increased self confidence and clearer thinking, which build a ‘presence of character’ which is more likely to deter potential confrontation (such as bullying) without the need for confrontation.

We also don’t believe in teaching non-practical martial arts, designed only to extract money from parents… the skills kids learn through our classes are real, effective and can be applied to defend, where necessary, in real world situations against ANY other discipline…