Martial Arts Disciplines

We run a range of martial arts classes in Doncaster, focusing on several core martial arts disciplines (click on the disciplines for more info)

We have expertise across all of our disciplines and our dedicated instructors can support you to raise your game whether you are a novice or have past experience. You can choose a single discipline or, like most people do, mix and match our martial arts disciplines to suit you, so can develop a wider range of  martial arts skills and improve your fitness, strength and conditioning. The beauty is, its all up to… We will support you to do what works for you, and welcome you into our team as the unique individual that you are.
Muay Thai (also called Thai Boxing)
Mixed Martial Arts (often called MMA in competitions such as UFC)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (sometimes abbreviated to BJJ)
Kids Self Defence (defensive martial arts that work for young people)
Kids Kick boxing (superior Kick Boxing system for young people)
Boxing (the noble art of boxing taught for fitness and self defence)
Family Programme (family focussed martial arts fun for kids)
Fitness, Strength and Conditioning (our scientific fitness programme)

There are also a wide range of other classes so check our timetable for latest details