The noble art of Boxing is adopted and applied within virtually every fighting sport and system so is an essential skills to becoming a well rounded martial artist. We have experts with decades of experience of training boxers, in our academy

Our Boxing classes focus on fitness, and efficiency to build overall confidence as a fighter. Our training is accessible for all and taught in a controlled way so that each individual can get what THEY need from it and take it as far as THEY want.

If you want to become an all round competent martial artist fighter, training to develop more skills with your hands is essential so learning how to box offers a great foundation. If if you just want to get fit, the routines and intensity of learning how to box also offers a perfect way to maintain overall body conditioning.

We also deliver specialist programmes such as women pink collar boxer training where novices train up and get in the ring for charity, so with our experience, we know what it’s like to be a beginner as well as what it takes to be a competing boxer at high level. You are in safe hands with us…