Judo Classes are now available at Charles Martin Martial Arts Academy

The Japanese martial art of Judo is a popular competitive Olympic sport and all round fitness activity.

Judo classes involves students learning to fall safely, throwing and landing each other on a  crash mat before moving on to the more advanced techniques.

The focus of Judo is mainly on throwing with some groundwork, involving pinning, strangles and locks and with an emphasis on mutual support and maximum efficiency, classes are suitable for anyone.

The judo classes at our Doncaster martial arts facility are a separate activity to our main timetable and are coached by Brian Lister, an experienced qualified black belt with accredited under the British Judo Council  (so separate licensing / insurance applies which can be arranged with Brian). However, any Charles Martin Martial Arts Academy members who pay for our monthly subscription can access Brian’s judo classes free of charge.

A training jacket and trousers can be loaned to new starters.

Classes are 12 midday until 1pm Saturdays. Drop in at these times and ask for Brian.