Shinbudo-Taijutsu has its origins in the martial arts of the Samurai and is now being delivered at our martial arts academy…

The Taijutsu classes at our Doncaster martial arts facility are a separate activity to our main timetable and are coached by Brian Lister, a 7th degree black belt and a former UK and world medallist under the umbrella of the Doncaster Taijutsu association (so separate licensing / insurance applies which can be arranged with Brian).

Doncaster Taijutsu Association

Taijutsu is a Japanese term for a combat and defensive skill set based on efficient body movement.  Taijutsu involves blocking, evasion, strikes, kicks, throws and restraining techniques. In addition to unarmed methods there are a number of traditional weapons used in the curriculum. The emphasis of training is on awareness, avoidance, defence and restraint.  Taijutsu is an effective self defence system which also has the option of sparring / competition.

Classes are 11am – 12 midday Saturdays. Drop in at these times and ask for Brian for more details or visit ‘Doncaster Taijutsu England’ on Facebook