Our Academy is the perfect environment to learn martial arts, with expert support to help you as a novice.

Our mission is to support people to attain personal fitness, self confidence and positive aspirations using Martial Arts so whether you are a novice or have some previous experience, our friendly, supportive experts can help you to reach YOUR goals.

We strongly believe that every student in our academy is equal, and we value you as individuals with your own aspirations; put simply, no mater what your starting point is, we will help you get to where you want to be.

The academy strikes the perfect balance for training effective martial arts, inspiring hard work from students, but balancing this with absolute safety and responsibility at all times, with a true ‘team spirit’ to support anyone’s positive development. All coaches are always happy to offer their wealth of experience to help you develop to your own full potential.

☑ We have several disciplines for you to choose from

☑ We are affiliated with relevant governing bodies

☑ We support people at all levels of ability

If you are looking for a martial arts club dedicated to developing minds as well as bodies, and want focused but friendly martial arts training for yourself or your family, Charles Martin Martial Arts Academy offers all of this and more. Come and join our martial arts family today…