If you want to fight or compete in Martial Arts, our academy is the perfect arena for you to develop your skills as a fighter and is headed up by a multi-discipline champion.

The academy has a wealth of experience in supporting people to become a competing fighters, and we use this experience to develop you into becoming a winner. 

The academy offers the ideal environment for you to train as a competing fighter, demanding hard work but supporting you with a true ‘team spirit’ to support your personal development.

Our record speaks for itself… we are the only club around to have 2 genuine black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and our adults and kids bring home the trophies in bucket loads from fights at all levels! 

☑ You will train with current and past champions

☑ Our academy has an outstanding fighter record

☑ Our experience is world class, spanning over 20 years

If you are looking for a multi-discipline club that can support you to reach your full potential and become a competing fighter, we can offers all of this and more. Come and join our martial arts family today…